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7 Key Principles of Every Successful Leader
Learn to Listen Like Your Life Depends on it… Because it Does
Never Let Anyone Outwork You… Lead by Example
Value Difference & Diversity
Get the Right People on the Bus
Know Your Strengths
Know Your Limitations
Embrace Change… Be Willing to Release Paradigms
Leadership has many issues and areas or opportunity that impact us daily. How we deal with these situations determines and defines our leadership characteristics. Successful leaders utilize these and other opportunities to rally their team, communicate their vision, and guide their team on the road to success. This keynote is taken from the principles outlined in my soon to be released book entitled “Leadership Dynamics”.
“Navigating the Seas of Transformation”
Life is a journey of transition and transformation. Each day we have opportunities that stretch us and allow us to grow. The question is are we ready and willing to accept the challenge?
“Navigating the Seas of Transformation” focuses on creating an environment of positive action and positive thinking. We are what we do and think about all day. Going from average to outstanding requires focusing on positive building blocks and stepping stones. The energy created by this experience will move the audience to action!
The Seas of Transformation are:
Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly the pains of the transformation process make us stronger.
Corporate downsizing, market fluctuations, technological advances, and the need to do more with less are all things that require us to go through a transformational process.
“When your defining moment comes, either you define the moment of the moment will define you.”
“Success Never Goes on Sale”
What keeps you awake at night? What do you worry about? Finances, relationships, career issues? All these things have a tendency to keep us up at night… they also teach us, by the experiences we gain, as we go through difficult times. The lessons in life we receive come in many forms.
Our professional lives, our personal lives, and just as we get older we have to stay focused and work through difficult times. Many times in life we will have a Dream and we will have Visions, Ideas of things we want to accomplish, inventions we want to bring to life, and businesses we want to start. It all takes determination and hard work.
Thomas Edison said, “Many people miss their opportunity in life because it shows up dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
Three points to maintain your focus:
Success begins with belief in yourself
You Have to put in the Work
Defeat is a Temporary Situation
“Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”
Discovering the “Why” inside of you! This is a Key note that looks into taking different aspects of your organization and getting everyone involved to realize that as good as they may be individually, the team can achieve greater heights if they work together.
The principles are based on two stories from sports, a youth soccer team from South Florida that went from the bottom of the league to a contender and the story of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team that beat the Russians to win the Gold medal. Your team is guaranteed to look at themselves differently after this presentation.