Velton Showell - Programs
Velton Showell has three main areas of focus and his programs are built around those specific areas.
If you are interested in improving your personal performance, to get that new job, to move your career to the next level or to become a more effective leader that motivates their team to higher levels of achievement.
You have come to the right place!
If you are interested in increasing your income personally or your company’s overall revenue through sales techniques, developing strong customer relationships, and utilizing proven leadership philosphies.
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If you have a philosophy of being the most dominating force you can be, in whatever you do, without alienating key partnerships and resources to your success.
You have come to the right place!
Join Velton he will help you Navigate the Seas of Transformation and enter the journey, taking your performance from good to Great!
There are training programs in each of the outlined areas.
Velton provides targeted keynote speeches to engage larger audiences, personalized one-on-one coaching opportunities for those serious individuals who desire private focus, on specific areas of opportunity.
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