Velton Showell - About Us Page
Velton is a dynamic nationally recognized speaker, trainer, published author, and business consultant. He speaks to, teaches, and trains clients all over the United States and the Caribbean encouraging them to transform their thinking to move their professional and personal performance from good to great!
Beginning in the late 80’s, Velton began to utilize his talent for connecting people and helping them achieve higher levels of success. In 1983 Velton’s life changed as he life moved over 500 miles away from family and friends, to embark on a career in the hospitality industry. Realizing how fulfilling and difficult a transform like this could be Velton began to develop himself and utilize his experiences to help others, that may be going through similar situations. He was destined to serve others. He began to better understand the true meaning of a service mentality.
Velton began in hotel operations as a Management Trainee and then a Night Manager handling the problems and difficult situations that arose, in a hotel running 98% occupancy on an annual basis. Yes, maintaining your focus and high levels of achievement were essential to success in that environment and it helped groom Velton very well for the path he was about to embark upon.
Velton continued his education and growth in the hospitality industry moving across the country and into sales positions at numerous hotels, with some of the most exclusive and highly sought after hotels in the country. Serving as a Sales Manager and later Director of Sales & Marketing, Velton learned how to not only navigate the selling process himself, but how to teach, train and motivate his staffs to high levels of success.
Achieving the position of Director of Sales & Marketing opened Velton’s eyes and mind to his passion for helping others and mentoring individuals in search of greatness. He became a corporate trainer and was often called upon to lead training sessions for large groups on the regional and national levels.
After achieving record breaking years of success which included leading the sales team of the year for a major hotel chain and taking another sales operation from $24,000,000.00 to $98,000,000.00 in four years, Velton began to develop and write his own training curriculum.
In 2008 during one of the most difficult economic times in recent history Velton launched his company, Strategic Solutions LLC to share his sales, service, and leadership knowledge with businesses around the world. His first book, “Prospecting the Key to Your Future Success” hit the market in 2010 and quickly became in great demand. He has since written additional books titled, Strategic Planning; Planning to WIN!”, co-authored a book dedicated to the memory of Harriett Tubman and Nelson Mandela entitled “The Daughters and Spirit of Harriett” and is writing a new book soon to be released entitled “Leadership Dynamics” … 52 Principles Every Successful Leader Must Embrace.
Velton has spoken and trained many highly successful sales forces in multiple industries on stages at meetings and conventions throughout the United States. He hosts a weekly radio show on Blog Talk Radio entitled the Transformation Zone on Thursday evenings at 5:00pm EST.
Velton continues to work with and speak to sales professionals and those in leadership positions to increase productivity, improve their relationships, and achieve peak performance levels.