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Velton Showell

For 30 years, Velton Showell has dedicated his life to studying the most successful sales people in the world and by combining their experiences with his own, he shows you the strategies and techniques you can apply immediately to measurably improve your results. As President & CEO at Strategic Solutions LLC. He leads the sales, marketing, and training divisions of the company. Velton is a Business Consultant, Trainer, Author, and Motivational Speaker who is known for his wit and wisdom. Customers everywhere appreciate his humorous style and useful techniques. He combines research and theory with real life experience. Velton is considered one of the nation’s leading business experts in sales and marketing. His ability to find common language with team members while building a cohesive environment is well documented.

Velton Showell

Sales Training

Sales Training and sales learning is a life long journey. The art of selling is not a perfect science. The basic skills are taught; Prospecting, Presenting, Negotiating, Confirming, Supporting, and Closing regardless of industry or product, the process is the same. The more expensive the product the more intricate the process and in many cases the more lengthy. The selling process is an imperfect science because it includes a sometimes very unpredictable element, human nature. Our objective in our training is to reach the scientific concepts of prospecting, presenting, negotiating, confirming. Supporting, and closing by utilizing real life experiences to illustrate, discuss, and explore resolutions and answers to different questions and scenarios that arise in the selling process.Learn More

Leadership Development

Leaders are Environmentalists. As a leader in a business environment we are charged with the responsibility of molding, mentoring, and encouraging those individuals we are entrusted to lead. We are Environmentalists, yes, “Leaders are Environmentalists” it is our responsibility to create an environment that encourages people to strive for excellence, think outside the box and push themselves to new heights by thinking outside the box, taking calculated risks, without fear of reprisal. Our Leadership training course teaches the aspects of leadership and coaching that encourage an environment of sharing and cooperation. Helping the leader develop a mindset of mentoring. Mentoring versus Monitoring allows those under the leaders guidance to grow to high levels and achievements. We spend time with leaders and perspective leaders teaching the skills necessary to be successful leaders in today’s business environment.
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We believe that no matter how successful you are in business or in life everyone needs a Coach. The greatest athletes, entrepreneurs, and business executives benefit from coaching. Coaching allows the individual a new perspective or a new way of looking at situations as they arise. “You can’t see the picture if you are in the frame”. We have outlined a comprehensive coaching program for sales professionals, entrepreneurs and perspective entrepreneurs. We work with you to uncover your blind spots and develop plans and actions to achieve your goals and dreams. Please refer to our Coaching outline for details.Learn More

What Clients Say

Velton is a great guy with incredible insight, passionate about his work & makes great things happen.
Simon T. Baily,