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Velton Showell

For nearly three decades Velton Showell has been an expert in Sales, Marketing, and Leadership Development. An Author, Trainer, Business Consultant, and Motivational Speaker who is known for his wit and wisdom Velton delivers dynamic and entertaining messages to organizations throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

Customers everywhere appreciate his humorous style and useful techniques. He combines research and theory with real life experience. He calls on his experience of 27 years, leading award winning sales operations, teaching, training, and making significant revenue gains. One of his greatest accomplishments was taking a sales operation from $24,000,000 to $98,000,000 in four short years.

Velton helps organizations select programs, topics, and resource materials that deepen and sustain their business opportunities through the messages he delivers. His energy has been widely appreciated by his clients. He is considered one of the nation’s leading business experts in sales, marketing, customer service, and leadership development. His ability to find common language with team members while building a cohesive environment is well documented.

One of Les Brown’s Platinum Speakers who is often selected to present on Les Brown’s Monday Night Motivational call that is broadcast across the Globe. Velton is currently a featured columnist for Black Meetings and Tourism Magazine and hosts a weekly radio show entitled “Selling as a Profession”.

A featured speaker on the Peak Performance Institutes, “72 Hours of Power”, George C. Fraser’s, “Operation WOW”, Dr. Ruben West’s Event “Live Your Best Life”, Les Brown’s Event “Spring into Success” and the 2014 NABHOOD Convention and Religious Conference Managers Annual Conference (RCMA) EMERGE 2015.

Velton’s Customer List includes… The Phoenix Convention Center, the Orlando Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Greater Ft. Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, The Greater Richmond Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau, The Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, The Florida International University Hospitality School, National Coalition of Black Meeting Planners, The Religious Conference Managers Association, Collinson Media Group, the National Sales Network, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, HEI Hotels & Resorts, Interstate Hotels & Resorts, National Association of Black Hotel Owners Operators and Developers, the Advertising Federation of Miami,  the Fountain of New Life Church, and the Covenant Married Couples Ministry.

Author of the book, “Prospecting, the Key to Your Future Success”, the CD/DVD Series “Your Million Dollar Sales Success” and the CD/DVD Series The 5C’s of Transformation.

Author's Corner July 2013Speaking at the Quantum Leap Symposium 2013

Sales Training

Sales Training and sales learning is a lifelong journey. The art of selling is not a perfect science. The basic skills are taught; Prospecting, Presenting, Negotiating, Confirming, Supporting, and Closing regardless of industry or product, the process is the same. The more expensive the product the more intricate the process and in many cases the more lengthy. The selling process is an imperfect science because it includes a sometimes very unpredictable element, human nature. Our objective in our training is to teach the scientific concepts of prospecting, presenting, negotiating, confirming, supporting, and closing by utilizing real life experiences to illustrate, discuss, and explore resolutions and answers to different questions and scenarios, that arise in the selling process. You will learn the true meaning of “Your Million Dollar Sales Success”. Learn More

Leadership Development

Leaders are Environmentalists. As a leader in a business environment we are charged with the responsibility of molding, mentoring, and encouraging those individuals we are entrusted to lead. We are Environmentalists, yes, “Leaders are Environmentalists” it is our responsibility to create an environment that encourages people to strive for excellence, think outside the box and push themselves to new heights by thinking outside the box, taking calculated risks, without fear of reprisal. Our Leadership training course teaches the aspects of leadership and coaching that encourage an environment of sharing and cooperation. Helping the leader develop a mindset of mentoring. Mentoring versus Monitoring allows those under the leaders guidance to grow to high levels and achievements. We spend time with leaders and perspective leaders teaching the skills necessary to be successful leaders in today’s business environment.
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We believe that no matter how successful you are in business or in life everyone needs a Coach. The greatest athletes, entrepreneurs, and business executives benefit from coaching. Coaching allows the individual a new perspective or a new way of looking at situations as they arise. “You can’t see the picture if you are in the frame”. We have outlined a comprehensive coaching program for sales professionals, entrepreneurs and perspective entrepreneurs. We work with you to uncover your blind spots and develop plans and actions to achieve your goals and dreams. Please refer to our Coaching outline for details.Learn More

What Clients Say

Business Transformation Expert, Velton Showell III of Strategic Solutions LLC was a featured speaker at my 2015 Executive Retreat. His charge was to hone in on effective traits of successful teams as 40% of my Leadership Committee was brand new. He not only met that challenge, but exceeded it with his uncanny ability to connect right away. His charisma, poise, tone and delivery were extraordinary and clearly an art form to marvel at.

The examples used and his story-telling ability made the message resonate brightly. His strong sense of moral value, business savvy and understanding of the hospitality industry amplified his professional teaching skills. I found myself smiling within during the presentation due to my observation of how the team was receiving his message. He creatively tapped in to each person’s discipline, with insight and examples that fit. Personally, I have no idea of the challenges a professional speaker confronts, yet, I know when someone does it well, and he did.

Please allow this document to serve as a tribute and letter of recommendation for Velton W. Showell III, as his professionalism and effectiveness in presenting to my team was outstanding.

Adrian Hughes,